Scouting Report

Camping, racing, building stuff, whittling and more – check out Cubs and Beavers!

The 10th Sara Scout Hall Cubs (609 Rideau Road) had a fantastic and busy year. They just came back from one camp at Lost Lake and are heading out again in late June. The Cubs also explored Sandy Beach, raced in the Soapbox races, slept over at the Tyrell Museum, learned leather working, pocket knife night, worked on outdoor skills, and built and raced the iconic Kub Kars. 

This fall the Cubs are looking for new Cubs (ages 8-10) and Beavers (Ages 5-7) new adult Scouters! We rely on volunteers to keep this fantastic program going. They have been meeting once a week from early fall to start of summer at the Sara Scout Hall (circa 1929) – one of the oldest Scout groups in the city.  Both Cubs and Beavers need new Scouters this fall. Its fun, adventurous, a great way to spend time with your child (grandchild, niece or nephew…), and there is training and support. No experience needed – just ask your RRCA President. Paul was a Beaver and Cubs leader for years while his kids enjoyed the program.  According to Paul, “It’s just like having a fun birthday party for your kids and a few friends every week, organize a craft or a game or an outdoor activity etc. and watch them have a blast. All you need is a little energy and earplugs lol!”

Sara Scout hall will also soon be available for rental. Questions:, or

Thank you to the community for your tremendous continued support. If interested in helping out next year or registering a child please email the above. 

Bottles can also be donated by contacting me or skipthedepot: