Volunteer Opportunity – Let’s Get Gardening! 

Have an interest/passion in gardening?  Our “Gardening Gang” would love to welcome you on any Wednesday morning starting around 8:30 am.  You’ll find us somewhere along 4th Street tending to the boulevard gardens.  It’s great fun, great exercise and a great way to share your creative talents in enhancing our community.  Our boulevard gardens are a real asset to the neighbourhood and deserve our loving care and attention!  Also – we welcome any “plant” donations you may have – always looking to expand the gardens and replace plants that didn’t quite make it through the winter.  

One of the gardening priorities this season is to give our trees along 4th Street some extra care and attention.  We will be fertilizing them regularly but they need the added support of LOTS of water. Wondering if our neighbours along 4th Street would mind helping us out by hauling out their hoses to gives the trees a good drink from time to time.  This will really help them thrive.  We do pay for a watering service 3-4 times per season which focuses mostly on the bushes and plants – hence the trees don’t get enough.  As always, trying to keep the costs down for our community funds!    Many thanks in advance for your kind consideration!  

Any questions – please email Evelyn at gardens@rideauroxboro.com.