Memorial Plaque – 4th Street & 30th Avenue SW

As many of you know, a concrete pedestal has stood in the gardens at 4th Street and 30th Avenue for many years.  This pedestal was constructed at the end of the traffic-calming project of 2000 – which was jointly completed by the City and many neighbourhood donors and volunteers.  The project gave rise to our boulevard gardens of today.  A plaque was intended to be placed on the pedestal to honour all of the donors and volunteers of this project however this was never completed.  A new plaque has now been installed.  It still commemorates the community volunteers of that project, but also honours all volunteers over the life of our community and the spirit of volunteerism that keeps us one of the most beautiful and welcoming communities of the City.  

We are also pleased to introduce a very talented and generous artist in our community – Ida Heron, who has designed graphics reflecting characteristics of our neighbourhood and has painstakingly painted the graphics on the pedestal.  It is truly a wonderful piece of art to complement the new plaque!  You may recall – Ida also designed and painted the graphics on our bus stop bench along 4th Street.  This all needs to be celebrated!  An “unveiling” ceremony has been scheduled for August 23rd @ 7:00 pm.  Please join us to not only honour Ida (and her co-pilot Don Heron!), but to view the new plaque and of course to connect with neighbours and friends.  Let’s celebrate volunteerism!