Sara Scout Hall Update

Hello Community! 

Thank you again for your support of Sara Scout Hall.

1. Beavers and Cubs:

We do not yet have a Beaver or Cub group operating, and the hold up is no adult volunteers! Please spread the word so we can get this group active again. I do follow up with everyone interested.

We need scouters to offer a group. Any interest parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents can contact me or Scouts Canada for more information.

We also need a volunteer to take over the treasurer role and hall rental bookings. I am exploring this with other Calgary Scouting groups as well. But if there is a community member who would just love to be a property manager in their spare time, let me know. 

Note: Scouts Canada will be using the hall for various meetings this fall, so there will be people in and out. Active is good! They are also trying to drum up interest. 

2. Rental: the Scout Hall is available for rental. Here is some information

-capacity is 50 but I’d suggest max of 30 as it gets very loud.

-no alcohol (or smoking) permitted by Scouts Canada.

-there is a fridge and microwave. There are 2 bathrooms. 

-Tenants must have $2 million insurance certificate, and Scouts Canada must be named as an additional insured for the use of Scouts Canada property.

The rate is $150 for the full day use ($75 for 3 hours or half day) plus a booking fee and GST. There is a central booking system with ScoutsCanada that generates the contract and fees. Fees negotiable for longer term or regular tenant. 

Process: email me to check the dates or any questions or a tour. If it works, I send the link for the rental booking.

3. Thanks again to everyone for continuing to use Skipthedepot!