Mission Bridge Rehabilitation Timeline

Initial Timelines (as at December 2023): 

  • Construction is anticipated to start April 2024;
  • FULL CLOSURE of the bridge to vehicles in the Fall 2024;
  • Rehabilitation anticipated to be substantially completed by December 2025;
  • The City plans to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists during construction, however, due to the nature of the rehabilitation project, said access may not be possible as a result of unexpected circumstances.
  • Emergency Services are to be re-routed as needed to provide similar levels of service as today 
  • The City plans to reach out to the CBE and schools in the area to notify them of the rehabilitation construction schedule within the next month.  

Updated Timeline from City of Calgary Project Manager:

The Mission Bridge Rehabilitation Project is anticipated to begin construction within your ward this spring. The project was recently tendered, and we hope to have a contractor on board by the end of March at which time we will start to finalize construction schedule and impacts. 

To kick off this work, you will start to notice some activity in the area over the next few weeks. Crews will remove a few trees and vegetation in front of the retaining wall adjacent to Elbow Drive, close to 4th Street S.W. This tree removal is necessary to give workers the access needed for the retaining wall rehabilitation scope anticipated to start later this spring/summer. We will ensure to preserve as many trees as possible throughout construction including a few bigger trees and we also have an extensive habitat restoration plan in place for the area once the work is complete. 

The project webpage at Calgary.ca/MissionBridgeRehab is now live and should serve as a great resource for the most up to date information about the project, traffic impacts and a link to subscribe to receive e-newsletter updates. We will share this update with adjacent wards, area Community Associations, BIA(s), and other key interested parties over the next week. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at (403) 818-5003 or Max.Lacroix@Calgary.ca.

Project Background

The Mission Bridge rehabilitation project will include repairing various bridge components such as the railing, approach slabs, piers, and abutments. The anticipated repairs will mainly address the concrete deterioration across the structure. It will also give us an opportunity to redesign the bridge cross-section and improve mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. 

The main objectives of the project are to extend the bridge service life by 35 years, and to improve the overall mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Please visit engage.calgary.ca/missionbridge to view the cross-section design concept, key themes, and detailed engagement results in the What We Heard Report.