Seatbelt Awareness

March is Seatbelt Awareness and Enforcement month, in Alberta everyone inside a motor vehicle must wear a seat belt (when the vehicle is equipped) and in the case of small children they must be in a child car seat. Seat belts must also be used in conjunction with Airbag restraints.

A lot of people wear seatbelts incorrectly being that the lap portion is latched and then the shoulder strap is under the arm by the armpit, this is illegal. Charging sections are under the Vehicle Equipment Regs so no demerits are assessed. 

Regarding child seats, NEVER buy a used child seat and if the one you have has been in a significant collision purchase a new one. The fibers in the webbing, plastic structure, and metal joints experience considerable strain and lose their functionality.

One should consult their vehicle owner’s manual along with the installation manual for the child car seat for proper usage.

Specified penalties for seat belt offences carry a $162.00 fine which is minimal considering the life altering or death that will occur in the event of a collision.