Community Poem – “Already Home”

We have a secret
Together we keep it
A place so special
Nestled against hills
Soothed by the river

Children are playing, running, laughing
Chalk drawings and lemonade stands take over the road
To the top of the hills, a school bell is ringing
Cherish the spoils
Of the latest adventure

Walk everywhere, anywhere
Lost in its beauty
Close to the bright lights
Yet protected in tranquility

The city it grows, it gets louder and more demanding
Wrapped up in it, caught up in it
It casts its net, yet falls short of us
We, who are nestled against hills and soothed by the river
Community is everything

A river runs through it, but does not divide it
Rideau Roxboro
Our home.

Written for the Rideau Roxboro Ladies’ Luncheon, 2010
By Heather Heasman, Resident