Intersection Safety – from the Calgary Police Service

Due to the ever-changing weather that we experience in Calgary during winter we can experience heavy snow falls one day then a chinook the next, so with this we must really watch our driving when coming up to intersections.

As a driver we should match our speed to the road conditions. This maybe that we slow down 10-20 km/h less then the posted speed. I find that when approaching intersections and the lights turn to drive on the high parts of the lane, this is where the gravel mostly collects, and it won’t be as iced from spinning tires thus better traction. 

A good idea is also to watch the pedestrian signals to determine when the lights may change from green to yellow. Most pedestrian signals will have a count down and the flashing red hand before the switch. Also, little known fact is that a yellow light is to stop before the red NOT SPEED UP to run the light. If a driver can bring the vehicle to a safe stop on the yellow before the red this must be done.

Some charges are.

  • Unreasonable rate of speed for road/weather conditions 2(1)(a) Use of Highway Rules of the Road (UHRR) $243.00
  • Fail to Stop at yellow light 53(1) UHRR $162.00
  • Fail to Stop at red light 53 UHRR $405.00